Aunt Lucienne Talks About Sculpting

“The need to create is in the soul as the need to eat is in the body.”
 Christian Bobin. 

If a painting invites you to dream, the sculpture acts by radiation, it is a tangible presence. The sculpture gives the creative artist the opportunity to caress the raw material to achieve the desired result.

Cat, orca and turtle carved from soapstone

I thought to myself: why not try something new at 78?
What a great hobby to try a mini-sculpture. I was amazed at how over time I came to understand the technique. I surprised myself when I created the final form. The works that sprang from my hands gave me great satisfaction.

Sculpting is one of the pleasures of life
Unlike painting, the artist uses the three dimensions of space to create. If a painting invites you to dream, sculpting is a palpable and tangible presence. Thanks to my miniature sculptures, I enjoyed moments of calm happiness—I felt carefree as time stood still.