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As professional Artists, we live in the world of creative expression.

Studiostone Creative has a vision that anyone ages 8 to 99 should be able to carve stone with the right tools and instructions.  It all began in Oliver’s sculpture studio when one day an elementary school teacher called, asking if he would come to teach the students stone carving. Until that point, he had taught only adults to carve with large blocks of stone and big tools in a 20-hour course.

So the artist became the entrepreneur out to answer the question… “Can anyone create a truly amazing stone sculpture in 90 minutes with no previous experience?”

After much trial and development, the 90 minute in-school stone carving program was introduced with great success. Currently, Studiostone Creative teaches students the thrill of transforming stone into a fully-finished sculpture. We teach 10,000 students every year in schools.  With the program up and running, parents began asking for something similar for home use. Thus the Soapstone carving Kit was born.

It includes a premium hand cut stone, with custom designed tools, supplies and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Every element of the process is designed to combine fun, learning and creativity.

We’ve come a long way since those early days.  Jocelyne and Kent, two friends and colleagues, joined the business and the company is now winning awards for product design and business initiatives.

Our goal is to make sculpture accessible to all and provide a wonderful creative experience for all ages.  We invite you to try our stone carving kits and in-school programs.


Headshot of Oliver Harwood
Oliver Harwood

Oliver is a professional sculptor with 20 years experience. A graduate of NSCAD, Oliver also spent two seasons apprenticing in Italy. He is a committed sculptor who runs a large sculpture studio in Vancouver, BC, and has ongoing Public Art projects..


Headshot of jocelyne dodier
Jocelyne Dodier

Jocelyne’s deep connection to art and nature has led to her emergence as a professional stone sculptor in 2010. Her first piece represented the birth of her art. The juried work was exhibited in New York and Jocelyne has been devoted to the timeless traditions of stone carving ever since. She teaches people of all ages how to shape stone and continues to exhibit her sculptures.


Best New Product – Seattle Gift Show 2018
Best Concept – Small Business B.C. Top 3, 2017
Sponsorship for Trade Accelerator Program – World Trade Centre. Greater Vancouver Board of Trade – 2017
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade – 2017

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