Carving Programs for Schools

Release your students creative energy from Kindergarten to grade 12

Our in-depth soapstone carving program results in 3D stone sculptures, hands-on learning, while boosting creativity and confidence of students from kindergarten to grade 12. The success of this program speaks for itself with over 10,000 student workshop participants every year.

A rich learning opportunity. While carving is a fun activity; students learn about sculpting, spatial concepts, rocks and minerals, nature, and cultural connections. And the finished product can be taken home and treasured.

Let your students discover the delights of carving stone in a creative workshop. Our soapstone carving program kits include everything each student will need to create a keepsake: hand-cut soapstone shape, kid-safe carving file, two grades of sandpaper, polishing wax for a quality finish, and buffing cloth. Your students will have fun while learning.

School Programs

Hands-On Learning




Simple Shapes
Heart, Starfish, Fish


Bear & Wolf or Orca & Seal

Grade 3 and Up


Grade 5 and Up


Grade 6 and Up

Rhino or Elephant or Lion

Grade 8 to 12


Grade 6 to 12

Pendant- heart, star, leaf, tooth

Grade K to 12

Carving artist instruction via Zoom

Our carving artist instructor will connect with students via video conferencing in the classroom, or students’ homes. The instructor will lead the entire session by walking students through the process of carving, shaping, sanding, and polishing their carvings. Video instruction can be delivered in one or two sessions—approximate total length of two hours. A teacher or staff member is required in class to set up, moderate, supervise students, and provide student support if required.

Teacher-led instruction with support resources

Teachers will instruct students in their classrooms by walking them through the process of carving, shaping, sanding, and polishing their carving. Resources available to teachers include pre-session setup instructions, step-by-step carving technique teaching instructions, and student video training clips covering all the steps. Ideal for teachers with an artistic flair or for situations where technology is unavailable for video conferencing sessions.

In Class Field Trip Program​

Our carving instructor will come to your classroom bringing everything you need for the workshop. They will engage with the students and lead them every step of the carving process. Each student will receive one on one attention and feedback along the way. Our carver will help with setting up and cleaning up of the classroom and will wax the finished sculptures. Teachers are welcomed to carve their own animals.

Empowering your artists from kindergarten students through to grade 12


Carved animals made our of soapstone

Animal Soapstone Carving Program Grades 3 to 12
Our most popular program. Students can select from up to two animal shapes to carve depending on their age and ability. Shapes include North American and African animals.


Carved heart fish and star out of soapstone Carved egyptian pendant out of soapstone
Introductory Carving Class
Kindergarten to Grade 3
A new carving workshop for younger children and offering a selection of easier-to-carve shapes—sea-star, heart, or fish.
Egyptian Pendant Carving Program
Grades 6 to 8
Fits well with Egyptian or early civilization studies and complements learning about ancient civilizations, hieroglyphic alphabets. Each student learns how to shape the pendant into a cartouche and can wear it afterwards (it comes with a cord).


Carved pendants made out of soapstone

NEW Jewellery Pendant
Grades K to 12
Students of all ages carve their very own delicate soapstone jewellery to wear or give as a gift. Great fit for holidays such as Holiday Seasons event, Mothers and Fathers Day, Valentines Day and more. Shapes include heart, leaf, star and shark’s tooth.

Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per student?

For Carving instruction via Zoom and Teacher-led instruction check the pricing here.

For In Class Field trip check the pricing here.

What measures are you taking for COVID-19?

We are adhering to health authority protocols and have developed two optional COVID-safe delivery programs for schools: 1. Carving artist instruction via video conferencing, and 2. Teacher-led instruction with support resources. Both of these options will respect social distancing recommendations.

How long should we allocate for students to complete their carving?

Depending on the program you selected, workshop times vary between 60, 90 or 120 minutes. When booking a Video conferencing class, you may choose to have the class for its full length in one session or split it into two separate sessions of 45/60 minutes. The second option will provide your students with extra time in between sessions to refine details on their art piece.
When booking a teacher-led class you have the flexibility to split and extend the carving times as you wish.

What teacher resources are provided?

Teacher resources will be provided in advance of the session and depending on the method of teaching you have selected may include:

  • Pre-session setup instructions
  • Step-by-step teaching instructions
  • Video conferencing link for online instruction
  • Access to classroom instruction video(s)

How do we access online video conferencing training?

When you purchase your carving program, we’ll email you a video conferencing link to the online live instructor session along with all other teacher resources. 

What materials are included for students?

Everything your students will need to complete their carving will be included in your order: hand-cut soapstone shape, kid-safe carving file*, two grades of sandpaper, polishing wax for a quality finish, and buffing cloth.
* We are striving to be a more sustainable company and will happily give you a discount if you choose to share your carving files with another class in your school or reuse them from previous year’s workshop you booked with us.

Can we expect dust during the carving process?

We have specifically developed a carving process using water to eliminate dry stone dust.

Are the carving tools kid-safe?

We have designed a custom made kid-safe carving file tool to minimize the risk of children hurting themselves while carving their soapstone shape.  This tool has been used by thousands of students without incident.

Can we have an in-class instructor?

Yes, we are happy to offer once again our programs in person in the Greater Vancouver area in the 2022-2023 school year! Instruction time is increased to 120 minutes! Same quality, one-on-one attention, amazing results!

How do we select the program and carvings for our students and what is the cost?

Please use this link to compare our different instructional options and choose the best one for you. Access program options for each grade level, check cost and available discounts. Please make sure to read the notes below the program list for additional details and applicable conditions.

For Carving instruction via Zoom and Teacher-led instruction check the pricing here.

For In Class Field trip check the pricing here.


How do we place our order?

We are so glad you are interested in our workshop! Please register to our newly developed Teacher’s Portal where you can book classes, order supplies, find educational videos and much more.

If you need to talk to us please schedule a 15 minute Info Call once logged into the portal.

How are the materials packaged and shipped?

All the supplies are carefully packed and shipped to your school. There are two packaging options:

  • All materials are packed in a bulk container
  • Materials are sorted into separate student kits in brown paper bags for easier distribution (additional handling fees for this option)

How long will it take to receive our order?

Please allow two weeks from the day you place your order to receive your supplies. Orders are shipped within 5 business days of receiving your order via ground service.

What Teachers Say

“Loved the workshop! My students had such a good time and were so proud of their creations. I loved that every stone was unique and the students got to compare and see one another’s and pick out the details.”

A.C.   Harbour View Elementary School, Coquitlam, BC

“Amazing! This workshop is highly organized and smoothly run. By far one of the best artist workshops I have had in my classroom in many years, I would highly recommend it to any teacher.”

L. Brain. Grade 4/5 teacher at Eagle View Elementary, Victoria, BC.

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